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The best herbal medicine for depression ever.

Type/form: powder
Dosage: 200g

I have been deeply depressed for as long as I can remember. The moment I put that fermented sceletium powder under my tongue, I was awakened from slumber ! I used 13 hours making a song.. and the next night, another 13 hours. Atlast I am not afraid of getting a job and I am more happy than I have ever been, I enjoy human company, everything is good, I love my life. Thank you, mother Africa !

By: Satanist

Mood lift and euphoria

Type/form: Powder
Dosage: .75g

I had some powdered root that I received from a local vendor for free. It was quite a big bag and I happened to forget my key so I was locked out of my apartment. I was bored and did a couple of small pinches and chewed on it for a while and let it dissolve a little in my mouth. These were very small pinches roughly 200mg in all. I had very noticable euphoria. It was hard to describe but it hit me rapidly. It was a calming and sort of heavy feeling. I smoked a small roach 30 min later when I got inside. My high was very disproportionate to the small amount of marijuana I smoked. I had never done this drug before but I have re dosed a few more times and feel incredibly relaxed. The mood lift is great and very natural feeling. I tried smoking it too but would rather eat it.

By: Chris

Kanna is good stuff

Type/form: extract
Dosage: 1g

Snorted some Kanna extract while smoking weed and it hit quickly, it somewhat felt like the onset of shrooms, a bit nauseous and unstable on my feet, also a mild feeling that the world was a bit off, hard to say/know exactly what, but it was all fun. I liked it, will try Kanna again.

By: Amtiez