What is kanna?

Kanna is a succulent herb, indigenous to South-Africa. It has been used for centuries to relieve anxiety and to enhance the mood. Kanna’s main alkaloids function as serotonin reuptake inhibitors, which means they prevent the break-down of natural available serotonin.

What are the effects of kanna?

In a low dose kanna is stimulating and produces a feeling of euphoria. In higher doses it becomes sedative. Kanna mainly enhances the mood and reduces feelings of anxiety and tension. The plant has been used as analgesic an anaesthetic as well, for example in tooth extractions.

Kanna suppresses the appetite and should never be combined with other (S)SRI’s or MAOi’s. It enhances the effects of both alcohol and cannabis.

How do I use kanna?

There are several ways to consume kanna, all with slightly different effects. Traditionally kanna was chewed upon or smoked, sometimes as part of a herbal mix. Kanna can also be used as a snuff or tea. Recently several extracts and isolations of kanna alkaloids became available. Different ways of administration have slightly different effects and require different dosages. Read more in how to use kanna.

How much should I use?

When used as a snuff a dose of 20 mg is sufficient to provide an effect. 50-150 mg is considered regular. For smoking 100-250 mg is recommended. When used sublingually a dose of 200-400 mg is common. 50-150 mg gives a more subtle effect. Orally kanna is least potent and should always be consumed on an empty stomach, a dose of 200-500 mg is considered regular. Read more on the different methods of use.

Why would I use a kanna extract?

Some people find large quantities of plant material hard on the stomach and belly. This can be avoided by taking an extract. A 10x extract is ten times as strong as ordinary kanna powder. Besides, it can be interesting to experiment with isolations of separate alkaloids: all of them have slightly different effects.

Is kanna dangerous or addictive?

As the main alkaloids in Sceletium tortuosum function as serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRIs), kanna should never be combined with other (S)SRIs or MAOi’s in order to prevent Serotonin Syndrome.

When suffering from severe depression don’t self-medicate with kanna, but always consult a doctor.

As it elevates the blood pressure kanna may cause mild headaches and nausea. It may also produce drowsiness and a soft stool. However, no adverse side-effects nor withdrawal effects have been reported by long-term users of the herb. Read more about kanna’s effects and side-effects.

Where can I buy kanna?

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